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About Salsey

Our vision

The founder Alkan has been working as a SDR himself since the end of 2021 and at the same moment he found his second passion with technical sales. Due to the lack of colleagues and the high demand or unqualified candidates for the team, he combined his first passion for programming and founded Salsey.

Salsey was not meant to be an ordinary job board, so he spent several months building both the requirements of a tech company and the requirements of a salesperson into a community around the topic of work.

That’s why Salsey is efficient not only for recruiters but also for candidates. In a closed community, everyone’s interests should be protected, existing colleagues should be involved as a team and new candidates should get a better picture of their new future.

The founder is convinced that the right team increases the efficiency of sales people.

Our goal

Salsey wants to support technical sales not only with its job board, but also to provide a source of information and, together with partners, to create a place that serves as a reference source for both companies and sales people.

Your Dream Jobs Are Waiting

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